our team


Executive Director

Christy has worked with teens for over 15 years in several different capacities. She has many fond memories of adult mentors throughout her adolescence and has always felt compelled to give back to the community by supporting teens. Her years of experience working with teens and her education in psychology paved the way to her work at Free to Be. Christy received a BA in Psychology and Music from Liberty University and is certified as a Sexual Risk Avoidance Specialist. Christy joined Free to Be in 2007 and after much success as Program Director, the Board of Directors promoted her to Executive Director in 2010.
Christy is a mother of two young boys and wife to Santa Rosa native, Michael Wohlert. In the office Christy is well known for her keen sense of humor and relentless ambition. Out of the office, you’ll find her enjoying her family, shooting video and photography for her and her husband’s production company, and singing at her church.

Lauretta Ceja

Office and Outreach Manager

Before coming to work for Free to Be in 2007, Lauretta was a stay-at-home mom balancing family and work as a licensed real estate agent. She ventured into the nonprofit world seeking a way to give back. Lauretta was inspired to work for Free to Be because of the life challenges she overcame as a teen mother. Now, married and mother of three daughters, Lauretta appreciates the importance of valuing self and not only building but also maintaining healthy relationships. When she is not on the clock, you’ll find her rocking out at Zumba or looking for lost treasures in local thrift shops!

Matthew Easter

Program Team Member

Matthew’s reason for joining the Free to Be team is simple; working with others in the nonprofit sector helps drive his passion for helping others live a more meaningful life. Since Matthew received his Certificate of Therapeutic Intervention in 2007, he has worked with organizations focused on serving Autistic and SED (Severely Emotionally Disturbed) children and teens. He has also worked as a behavioral therapist at several of our local schools including Herbert Slater Middle School, Santa Rosa High School, and Montgomery High School.

Aside from his work at Free to Be, Matthew enjoys training in Martial Arts, creating anything from art to furniture and jewelry, mentoring youth at his church, and spending time with family and friends.

Katherine Krulish

Program Team Member

Katherine joined Free to Be because of her profound compassion for youth. Since graduating from Pathways Charter School in 2011, Katherine has been working with Junior High and High School students in different roles; including mentoring and teaching. Katherine has a heart for our community, especially our teens, and strives to encourage them in making healthy life decisions now to impact their future in a positive way. From the support of past mentors in her life, Katherine has learned the importance of creating and maintaining healthy relationships and aspires to share this with others.

During Katherine’s free time you will find her working at her church as their Junior High, High School and Young Adults group coordinator, hanging out with friends, or just relaxing at home, watching Netflix.